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Service Description: This is an image service of the bathymetry data acquired. The term bathymetry refers to the ocean's depth relative to sea level, it can also be used to describe submarine topography or underwater terrain. INFOMAR bathymetry data is measured primarily by multibeam (MBES). MBES transducers transmit multiple high frequency pulses of sound in a fan shape beneath the vessel, enabling a large swath of seabed to be mapped at high resolution as the vessel moves along. The time taken for the sound to travel to and be reflected from the seabed back to the ship provides the water depth. Sound velocity profiles are taken to calibrate systems as data acquisition is ongoing. This bathymetry data was processed using Caris Hips and SIPS and merged using Global Mapper softwares. Inshore grids are generally 5m resolution and further offshore grids are 10-20m resolution. In very deep areas off the shelf are 110m resolution. The data is levelled to LAT using the UK Hydrographic Office VORF reference system or tide guages. Reports for each survey and data acquired can be downloaded from the following link: Information on the INFOMAR project is available from

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Copyright Text: INFOMAR, Government of Ireland

Spatial Reference: 102100  (3857)

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